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I am a B.sc, B.ed, MA (linguistics), PhD ( theology). I have not mention my multifaceted degrees to show I am highly educated but to what extent i am able to make my degrees help me be, who I am today. I am a child psychologist and teaching and winning a child over is child play for me – teaching tiny tots is a challenge and pleasure for me.

My passion is teaching  and a child’s welfare is all that counts for me and thank God i have so far always been able to help a child in need.

– Mrs. H.R. Sherwood

The Sword Vs The Word

Yes, A wise man very wisely wrote these seven words: ‘ The pen is mightier than the sword’. Astonishingly, sword and words have the same …

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Life is journey of learning an experience , every step makes us bigger , even though we may not realise it. As the world was …

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A land immersed in a 5000 old history. The land of Ram , Krishna, Pandavs, Kaurava, A land where the oldest scriptures were written (Vedas) …

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‘Nothing is worse then active ignorance.’ Now ignorance is the name given to be lacking in knowledge or information. But ignorant can infer not being …

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New Site Launching

From me to you “theword.org.in“ Dear readers/ viewers, it pleases me no end to tell you, if you are a technology geek then I am …

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