From me to you “

Dear readers/ viewers, it pleases me no end to tell you, if you are a technology geek then I am a geek with words. I love to play with words, and so I invite you to come join me in enjoying this tricky play on words.

Yes, a big well come to, Dear readers this is my own blog where I am going to regale you with why the pen is mighty. I am going to touch on words and topics, which will intrigue, shock, amuse and tickle your funny-bone.

I am in love with this English language and the power it has. I teach the art of implied, applied and the spoken art of English.

I have written on varied subjects that is close to my heart. This language which the Anglo-saxon inherited from the germans and which was taken by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 13th century and translated to old English. Today he is known as the father of the English language.

It is lamentable that the mighty pen has to compete with the sword.

Let me show you how this flowery language can change colours.

e.g. Don’t eat fast. —— eat slowly.
Don’t eat, fast. —— Stay hungry.

(Got it?)

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