‘Nothing is worse then active ignorance.’ Now ignorance is the name given to be lacking in knowledge or information. But ignorant can infer not being educated or being unaware, ‘ignorant’ also means being impolite or rude, it can also mean that one is innocent.

That’s the literal meaning-but if you look around you will find the world today is overflowing with knowledge and people are acquiring information and educating themselves-then my question is that why is there so much of ignorance surrounding us!?

Could it be that man has become so involved in him/her self that they are not aware of the facts that they are on the path of ignorance. Are we becoming a nation of ignoramuses?. An educated fool? This is all because we are in ignorance of GOD, His planet, His plans.

We are also in ignorance of our powers,  our ability to love, our onus to protect our blue planet. Looks like our learning, education and technology are making us oblivious to our responsibility! How much more ignorant can we get!? How ignorant can we be!?.

When i was young i heard and learned that, ‘where ignorance is bliss, its folly to be wise’. Ok, but how wise? Maybe if he or she had been aware then the story could have been and had a different ending then falling, may have been an eye opener? The ironical fact about ignorance is that it is rampant mostly where education is said to be the highest!

Earlier in this extract i had disagreed with the saying, ‘where ignorance………’  Well, well when i look back i see that our ancestors were more blissful then us today and to think their learning and education was relegated to a limited genre , mind you me.

So then now what will you and I call ignorance? Well from my point of view (polemic), ignorance is the shutting down of common sense, lack of logical thinking, blind following, exploring the cosmos and in the bargain keeping ourselves in the dark of our own living planet, building arms of mass and total destruction and then holding summits to find a way out of our own committed folly out of the ignorance of our own making, how senseless and ignorant.

Will we or are we ever going to learn from our education? Technology seems to be dragging us to another level of the enlightened dark age, don’t you think so?. If you look at a flame on a wall or screen, you will only see a shadow not the light, that tells us that, there is no darkness in light! And the holy scriptures tell us that god is light. So lets build a fear of the dark rather then that of mass destructive weapons because our living blue planet is one of its kind so protecting our planet is the first escape from ignorance.


Read psalms, 24:1-2, of the bible and you will also find parallels in other scriptures too.

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