A land immersed in a 5000 old history. The land of Ram , Krishna, Pandavs, Kaurava, A land where the oldest scriptures were written (Vedas) A land of seven rivers, A land of the Himalayas, And the highest mountain peak – Everest! A land that gave birth to all the major world religions , A land that professes – Ahinsa – Non violence .

A land that has given birth to greats like Chanakya, Aryabhatta, Ashoka, Buddha , Emperor Porus, Swami Vivekanand and his guru Ramkrishna Paramhans and last but not the least Rabindranath Tagor I can go on and on, so when i turn around and look back i see splendour.

These greats have left their indelible marks on our sub-conscience minds. She india was also called ” A sone ki Chidiya”. (A land of the golden Bird). She is the seventh largest country and the only country with seven major rivers and over a thousand tributaries!!  What a blessed land !!! A land that saw the rise and fall of the Indus valley civilisation , also one of the oldest civilisation.

In the beginning she, INDIA was ruled by individual principalities and then greed for larger territories took roots and thus was established the need to conquer , annexe and rule. This started the power struggle , we must keep in mind that this ancient land was overflowing with wealth in gold, silver, precious stones and many other metals and semi precious stones! It was also a land of the sages who did severe penance to invoke the favours of The Gods and thus be endowed with limitless knowledge.

It was these wise old blessed minds that captured all the wonderful information earned through their relentless penance and thats how the mythological scriptures was written in a dream sequence called The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, The Puranas and The Upanishans.

This knowledge became the forerunner of the fear of god and appeasement thus was born the architectural wonders of temples. Sometimes I think INDIA should be called the land of temples. These sanctuaries  have and are playing the role of the rulers’ coffers. These vaults tell the story of wealth and power of its rulers of those by gone days and of the present days too.

The intrigue and court craft of those royal days were unreal and the treachery, the betrayal the faithlessness, the infidelity, the judas-kiss was something out of this world. But after all set and done those were the golden era of this land. Today when I look back at my land it breaks  my heart when we visit these royal abodes its grandeur the palatial luxuries can take your breath away!!

There is an ironical twist to this land of the nobles. This seventh largest land, a peninsular was united into one major country , first by the Moguls for almost more then 300 years and then by the Britain’s for more then 200 years. It may sound crazy  and far fetched but I will tell you how  by using history and logic.

Now man caught the bug of warring , attacking and expanding their territory and since INDIA. Was rich in natural resources almost all warring nations with big dreams and ambitions started targeting INDIA- The main reason being, even though INDIA was a large territory it was divided into small kingdoms, so it became easy to attack and conquer.

Thats how the moguls captured and ruled us right from Afganistan to the southern most tip known today as Kerala. They annexed all these territories that they had defeated and brought it all under the banner of theirs ,The Moguls. The only thing these Moguls wanted was to amass wealth and acquire domain over the land- they not only filled their coffers they also studded their private lives with an array of queens and concubines to colour their nights! It was their’s the Moguls golden period and then as the saying goes, “Nothing lasts forever”.

Thus the ostentatious rule came to an end. And it so happened that the East India Company landed on the shores of INDIA that the fall of the Moguls started and the rise of the British rule began. They the Britishers did exploit our land , but in exchange they brought  education, industry and railways to INDIA !! It was this learning and knowledge that sowed the spirit  of independence in the minds and souls of the sons of the soil. If the Britishers took much from our land they gave us much too.

Cleverly they used the ‘much’ and took and benefited from it but sadly we were not able to do the same. I sometimes feel that we the INDIAN public are born to be ruled, first it was the Moguls, then The Britishers , and now it is our Ministers. And we boast that we are the largest democratic country in the world ! Politics anywhere is a cesspool and in INDIA politics a pot boiler of a cesspit !

The cause is lake of gratitude and  hero worship. But everything is not lost yet, we the INDIANS  are a resilient lot, no matter what the odds we always look to the brighter side of the picture and surge ahead. This never say die spirit of ours has brought us to the 21st century. Lets pray that what The Gods havr  put together man does not put asunder!

Jai Hind

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