Life is journey of learning an experience , every step makes us bigger , even though we may not realise it. As the world was created to build character, and we must bear in mind that drawbacks and sorrows that we bear eggs us in walking ahead. Ayatollahs are not born they are created .

They are reared through grime and grit which is the price a leader pays to be one . A goal which is worth its salt comes with a price tag. Every experience is a build up for confidence, courage and resilience, to look fear in the face , for we we must push ourself to do what we think we cannot do as it is inspiringly and threateningly said , a man becomes what he thinks , if he thinks long enough.

You know and i know a personality cannot be built in leisure in the quiet of the hour, only through trials and tribulations will the spirit be toughened and the distance sight be crystallised and ambitions be stoked for achievement to be attained. Just like how lasting affection can sow treasures , like the solar rays thaws the ice caps so also love melts hate , mix ups , distrusts and anger to dissolve !

This the power of dreams that has ignited my path and time after time given me the pluck to face life as it comes and believe me you make it beautiful , this courage, this kindness this giving abundantly.

So lets keep going, whose to know when a pleasant shock may smile down on us suddenly! And so if you think long enough you will be who you are. For leadership is not something you do alone but by walking together and catching one when he or she falls.

Stop looking through rose tinted glasses and you will have the strength to face reality. It is only when we stop towing our luggage that we will see what we perceive the more abundantly you live the more will you have to celebrate in life.

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    True that! There’s always a reason to smile ….and life is all about finding that reason every single day!

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