Yes, A wise man very wisely wrote these seven words: ‘ The pen is mightier than the sword’.

Astonishingly, sword and words have the same number of alphabets and if We are not careful or smart enough both these words in this phrase can have the same cutting edge!

One should also bear in mind that without the word a name can not exist, even this earth will not exist without the word. We wouldn’t know GOD if there wasn’t the word – The word is a foundation. Is what we stand upon. If it wasn’t for the words then even the sword would not exist! And for the word to be personified GOD gave it a Pen! and Lo! and behold! The world started learning and to learn We had to write and to write We needed an arm – The Pen! The first Pen was a tool! and instrument to etch. In the beginning man communicated in signs because there were no words!

And then when mankind started exploring and He saw so many astounding wonders, that the instinctive reaction created a force in the voice box, the larynx and the first guttural sound was given birth to, and so started the journey of the word, off course it may have taken aeons for the first word to be spoken! Right at the beginning tokens were the fore runner of writing ,but how to? Had not really set in. Then with the start of stacking, He, man started what we call pictography accounting device. And then along came logo-graphy, and then a switch from visual to hearing, aural, with the development of the aural ability came the division, sub-division and subsection of sound! According to History modern alphabets started rearing its head from the first century BC.

To name the early letters – they were in Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic, Brahmanni and Cyrillic, the Western alphabets is borrowed from etruscan, And later the Romans adopted etruscan letters and thus the roman script took roots, and then We started the writing data as an idea in the initial stage this writing was in the abstraction, sorting the data. This took centuries to stabilise ultimately coming to stay. It was after all this trials of our ancestors that today we have the calligraph. From here started word building, hand writing – in script, running hands and printing – unbelievable invention and journey. Three cheers to the continuous prowess of man’s need to express himself in words. This process of sharpening our minds culminated into words! The wonder of this phonetics rose to reach the sky which culminated into the GOD throwing a monkey – wrench to curb man’s gluttony for power. It was GOD’s desire to see man grow in stages.

And slowly slowly this minuscule word became the giant that can eliminate the sword: Thus proving the saying true ; “ The Pen is mightier than the sword”. The sword has fallen but the word is still standing tall because now the word has changed the sword into technology. So if it wasn’t for the word there would be no Pen to give the sword a run for its money. Hallelujah!

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2 thoughts on “The Sword Vs The Word”

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    Deepali Umathe

    The sword cannot make a mark, that ur words do on our mind, the sword makes
    no match to the words 👍

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