Well, well, my dear readers; why should you read this blog?. There are N reasons but for now We will play with three reasons: firstly its a polemic, secondly its feminist, and thirdly its an invitation to a one sided pen battle.

I honestly feel these three inciting, exciting and thought provoking topics: that are a peep into the psyche – it will create a reading class of its own. Bells will chime, ring and echo. So come one come all, come read what the mighty pen has to say. You may like, dislike, agree, disagree, laugh, turn red but one thing you will not be is: bored!

Dear readers the lure to this blog is to invite opinions, get reactions, a glimpse into why and how peace, upheaval and morose creeps in.

I have read many blogs – its all very informative- but themightypen.in is an invitation to look in the mirror and see not a reflection but an entity!. This mightypen.in will regale you with hyperbole, epigrams, irony, puns.

I can promise you a whole gamut of spicy view-points, passionate thoughts, logical analysis.

You feel it, i will express it with my theword.org.in.

Dr. Hyacinth Sherwood.